Amphibious Excavators

Bell Dredging Pumps main business is in designing and manufacturing amphibious undercarriage for hydraulic excavator. We are also specialized in manufacturing dredging pumps and cutter suction dredgers.

Our Head Office is in the Netherlands with main manufacturing facility located in North Holland, occupying an area of 80,000 feet, consisting of three fabrication bays with up to date CNC machine. We are the largest manufacturer of Amphibious Undercarriage for Hydraulic Excavator in the region.

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The Amphibious Excavator is a highly unique machine designed to work in
areas that are inaccessible to conventional Dredging Equipment; Marshy and Swampy areas, soft terrain as well as floating on water. That makes the Amphibious Excavator ideal for use 
in canals, along shorelines and in wetland areas.

Our Amphibious Excavator Dredging Equipment is completely self-propelled and can virtually access all terrains and yet requires a minimum of supporting transportation. We have small and large dredging equipment and therefore have many projects around the world where we perform.

Amphibious Excavator experience

Versatility and experience is what we’ve been specializing in when working with amphibians excavators. These excavators with amphibious undercarriages can sail on the water and travel through swampy area. This way of working has many advantages. The amphibious excavator can reach places where a normal crawler crane can not come. With a normal crawler crane an extra pontoon(s) were needed, with an amphibious excavator this is no longer needed, which will save a significant cost.