A-frame Dredger

Bell Dredging Pumps offers a wide range of dredging equipment that is known for their durability, power and multiple options. We have several varieties of Dredgers for sale and for rent.

Main Specifications

Length12.192 mm
Width7.376 mm
Height6.090 mm
Design draught607.2 mm
Total weight± 35.000 kg
Total installed power516 kW
Max river flow rate3 m/s

Dredging Pump Specifications

Dredging PumpBELL250
Max mixtrure capacity1250 m3/h
Pump speed900 rpm
Max power at shaft190 kW
Suction bore250 mm
Discharge piping250 mm
Spherical passage130 mm
Weight (hydraulic)2600 kg
Hydraulic pressure295 bar
Hydraulic flow425 L/min
Max dredging depth± 45 m

Deck Equipment

Winches4x mooring winch 25 kN – holding force 37.5 kN
1x hoisting winch 45 kN – holding force 105 kN
Electrical system
Battery voltage12 V DC
Battery current130 Ah
Amount of batteries4
System voltage24 V DC
Main drives
Diesel engines
Hydraulic power engine373 kW @ 2100 rpm
Water jet engine143 kW @ 1800 rpm