The Swamp Buggy (Dredging Equipment) is a motor vehicle which is designed to navigate swamp terrain. The Swamp Buggy has large balloon tires and a suspension which holds the body of the vehicle high above the ground.

This allows the Swamp Buggy to travel in standing water and also to drive over obstacles such as hummocks of grass.

This Swamp Buggy Dredging Equipment can pass under the undercarriage of the vehicle thanks to the high suspension and big tires. They may have open or closed cabs, with a variety of amenities depending on the vehicle and the purpose. The Swamp Buggy comes in all shapes and sizes, but is usually feature open-air, with a tank-like body with platforms on top.

Allround swamp buggy specialist

Additionally the Swamp Buggy possesses one more of the following abilities:

  • Drive over rough terrain, including logs and stumps
  • Propel itself through or over deep mud or water
  • Float in water or mud
  • Drive through or over dense vegetation

A Swamp buggy is able to move about on sand, shallow mud, dry land and shallow. Similar to sand rails, the Swamp buggy is custom built, typically with an existing car or truck engine and a specially constructed frame

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