Specialist in Dredging Equipment,
Pumps and Dredgers


Manufacturing Hydraulic Powerpacks


Specialist in Dredging Equipment,
Pumps and Dredgers


Specialist in Dredging Equipment,
BELL CAT336D with spud legs


BELL Rental at work
BELL150 with cutter

Bell Dredging Pumps | International Dredging Specialist

Bell Dredging Pumps is highly specialized in engineering and manufacturing dredging equipment for the Dutch, but especially the international market. With our specialized dredging equipment, amphibious excavators, dredgers and extensive experience we can take care of your dredging activities in a time and cost effective way.

Bell Dredging Pumps’ main business is designing, engineering and manufacturing: dredging pumps, cutter suction dredgers, amphibious excavators and other equipment.
Our Head Office is located in the Netherlands with main the manufacturing facility located in North Holland. Occupying an area of 7.500 square meters, consisting of two fabrication bays with up to date CNC machines. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Specialist in Dredging Pumps, Equipment, Dredgers and Amphibious Excavators

Experience gained in the dredging branch and the development and construction of special adapted dredging machines have highly contributed in the growth of Bell.

We cooperate with large dealers all over the world. This has resulted in a division of activities and products in several specific segments and product categories in which we have specialized;

And various other dredging machines, which you can find on this website. Please contact for other dredging possibilities.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Intermat Asean 2017, Impact, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

8th until 10th of June 2017

Intermat Asean

Bell Dredging Pumps

If you are interested in a real dredging specialistdredging engineering and dredging equipment or for further information about dredging activities you can always contact Bell Dredging Pumps on:

Office: +31 (0)224 85 53 40
Mobile:  +31 6 5338 7845
E-mail: info@BellDredgingPumps.com


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