Bell pump heads

    Bell pump heads for all different types of soil


    Bell Dredging Pumps is a well known pump manufacturer in the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of dredging equipment and pump systems that are known for their durability, power and multiple options. We have several varieties of dredging equipment and pump heads, capable of mining sand, gravel, clay & slib.

    They are highly versatile and adaptable dredgers with a lot of options. Naturally, they do an excellent job at varying dredging depths. If you have any questions about our dredging pumps and pump heads or if you wish to discuss specific needs within dredging equipment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    We can modify the design to every customer’s needs. Please contact us for more information!


    • Emptying foundation piles
    • Suspension from cable/free hanging
    • High hydraulic torque
    • Cleaning pile wall with jet ring

    Thanks to the double cutter configuration, the pump can be used free-hanging from a cable. Which is impossible with a normal, single cutter.
    This set-up is the only free-hanging tool on the market that can both cut and pump simultaneously. In addition, the double cutter is also equipped with water jet nozzles in and around the rotating heads to keep them free of clay.

    Cutter head

    • Separate hydraulic powered cutter
    • Fixed suspension on crane or ladder
    • Designed for cutting consolidated sand or clay

    Sand production head

    • Jet-water pipe and nozzles
    • Suspension from crane or A-frame
    • High production of solid material

    Flat barge head

    • Jet-water pipe and ring around head
    • Suspension from crane or A-frame
    • Emptying barges
    • Used for levelling soil under water

    Auger head

    • Dredging with minimal turbidity
    • Used in polluted areas
    • Used for levelling soil under water
    • High solids percentage / Less water

    Customize the Bell Pump Heads to your specific needs