Bell production instrumentation

    The production instrumentation helps the operator in more efficient dredging.

    The production instrumentation
    consist out of:

    • Frame & canopy
    • Flow meter (electromagnetic)
    • Density meter (NON-nuclear)
    • Pressure indicator
    • Vacuum indicator
    • Software
    • Monitoring screen

    We can modify the design to every customer’s needs. Please contact us for more information!

    The components are installed on a heavy-duty steel frame with a weather-resistant enclosed canopy. Lifting eyes on top and forklift pockets ensure safe and easy handling.

    By using a flow meter the total flow of the mixture can be determined. In combination with the density meter the total production in solids is calculated. Those figures will be shown in real-time on the monitoring screen. This information is crucial in order to dredge efficiently. It will make the operator’s job much easier. This piece of equipment is also very useful in case of research.

    All data will be logged by the software and can be read out at every desired moment anywhere in the world. Efficient dredging means a higher production of solids, all the while reducing fuel consumption of the total system.

    The following items will be shown on the monitoring screen:

    • Total mixture capacity
    • Total solid production
    • Pressure in the discharge line
    • Vacuum in suction tube
    • Temperature

    All the units can be displayed in metric and imperial units.

    Customize the Bell Production Instrumentation to your specific needs