Bell sounder system

    BELLSounder is designed to be a simple and rugged hydrographical survey solution with the basic functions of an echo sounder. Depending on the connected sensors, BELLSounder will function as a dual or a single frequency echo sounder. Powered by either an internal Trimble or a Hemipshere GNSS receiver, it provides the perfect solution for a hydrographic survey solution. The BELLSounder consists of a rugged Peli Case that provides a protected housing for every enviroment.


    • Ruggedized Peli-Case IP65 housing
    • IP65 External connectors
    • Internal Hemishpere DGPS + IALA L-Band
    • 23.5 x 18 x 11 cm (L x W x D)

    Sensor options

    • 200 KHz 8 degrees transducer
    • 30&200 KHz Dual Frequency transducer

    Output data

    • GPS output: NMEA 0183
    • Sensor output: DBT

    We can modify the design to every customer’s needs. Please contact us for more information!


    • Internal Omnistar, RTK
    • Internal Trimble GNSS


    • 1x RS232 Comport
    • 1x Ethernet (IP65)


    • Aux RS232 Input
    • Baud rate: 4800 – 115200

    Customize the Bell Booster Stations to your specific needs