Bell power packs

    Stand-alone power packs

    Our diesel driven power packs are specially designed for powering our dredging pumps with or without (double) cutter head.
    The extra strong frame will withstand the harshest conditions.
    The diesel tank is intergraded into the main frame to minimize the total size of the installation.
    The control system and motor management are on the power pack itself.
    But it is also possible to control the power pack from a distance.
    Due to the large doors on each side the inside is easily accessible for general maintenance.

    We can modify the design to every customer’s needs. Please contact us for more information!

    Auxiliary power packs

    Besides the standalone power packs Bell also has auxiliary power packs.
    These power packs are a stripped down version of the standalone power pack and specially designed to place it on the back of an excavator.
    The power packs drives the dredging pump mounted on the boom of the excavator.

    Customize the Bell Booster Stations to your specific needs