Dredging equipment

    Bell dredging pumps

    Our Bell dredging pumps, ranging in capacity from 300 up to 3200 m³/h, are often at the core of our dredging equipment.

    They are versatile submersible dredge pumps with a large spherical passage, meaning big solids can pass through our pump easily. Each size Bell pump can be fitted with a range of dredge heads for every soil type.

    Bell Amphibious Undercarriages

    When working on soft ground, marshland or in shallow water, Bell Amphibious Undercarriages are the machines you are looking for. Produced for excavators from 3 until 45 ton class, Bell Amphibious Excavators can work a range of tools including Bell Dredging Pumps, buckets, hammers, etc.

    Bell Cutter & Suction dredgers

    For larger dredging jobs we manufacture our range of Bell Cutter Dredgers, Bell Suction Dredgers and Bell A-frame Dredgers for both sales and rental.