Dredging equipment

    We offer a wide range of dredging equipment. In addition to our own designed heavy-duty dredge pumps, amphibious excavators and cutter suction dredgers, we have a larger range to accompany your dredging project from start to finish.

    Our team of experienced operators are ready to offer their knowledge and support, right on-site. From planning and preparation to execution and completion, our operators work closely with you to ensure the smooth and efficient progress of your project.

    What we offer

    Bell dredging pumps

    Our Bell dredging pumps are proven design and used by many contractors around the world, made in the Netherlands. Bell pumps feature heavy-duty construction with protective housing for use in harsh environments like offshore, sand and gravel mining, deep water applications etc.

    Specialized Bell dredge heads

    The Bell Dredging Pumps can be used for various dredging operations, including sand and gravel mining, small-scale dredging for maintenance in ports and canals, dredging in restricted areas, unloading of hopper barges, and specialized tasks like environmental dredging.

    For this reason we developed several heads for our range of dredge pumps, each with their own advantages. This makes sure that whatever material you are trying to pump, the right Bell dredge head will get you the highest production.

    They are all interchangeable so a single Bell pump can be used for any type of dredging / sand pumping work.

    Bell Dredge Equipment

    In addition to our Bell pumps and dredge heads, we manufacture additional equipment to complete your set-up:

    • Bell Power Packs:
      Hydraulic power units to driven our hydraulic driven range of Bell pumps
    • Bell Generators:
      Gen-sets to drive our range of electrically driven Bell pumps
    • Bell Water Jet Pumps:
      High pressure water pumps to supply our dredge heads like the sand production head or double cutter head with high pressure water.
    • Bell Booster Stations:
      additional pumping stations to overcome large pumping distances. Our booster stations can be directly diesel-driven but also electrically driven and hydraulically driven.
    • Bell Discharge:
      • Hand-made full rubber discharge hoses especially made to handle sand and abrasive slurries will give you good maneuverability on the job site.
      • HDPE or steel discharge pipes to transport the slurry over long distances.
      • Foam filled Floats to make the full rubber discharge hose or HDPE pipe float on water
    • Bell Production Instrumentation:
      to measure the exact amount of solid material / tonnes you are pumping. The set up is NON-nuclear which means accurate readings, hassle-free operation and transport.