Bell Amphibious Undercarriages

    Work effortlessly in challenging environments with our Bell Amphibious Undercarriages

    Bell Amphibious Undercarriages, also called marsh buggies or swamp buggies, are designed to empower your operations in the toughest of terrains, from waterlogged soft ground to swampy lands and shallow waterways. Our undercarriages come in a variety of sizes and are engineered to function at varying depths, providing you with the versatility and reliability you need for your dredging projects.

    Key Features

    Tailored Precision

    Our Bell Undercarriages are available in different sizes to match your specific requirements. No matter the scale of your project, we have the perfect fit for you.

    Enhanced Stability

    We make our Undercarriages in different sizes to match the Excavator. When stability is paramount, our optional side pontoons with spud legs offer the additional support you need. Perfect for operations in waters deeper than what the standard Amphibious Excavator can handle.

    Effortless Maneuverability

    Our thrusters are fully controllable from the cabin, putting you in charge of your machine’s movement with utmost ease. Navigate with precision and confidence.

    Heavy-Duty Long Reach Arm

    Experience the advantage of our Heavy-Duty Long Reach Arm (LRA) that can reach up to 17 meters in length. Combined with our quick-release standard undercarriage, you can seamlessly switch between the amphibious and standard undercarriages, giving you flexibility in the field.

    Additional options

    Adjustable width / Side pontoon with spudlegs

    For the Bell Amphibious Undercarriage we offer additional options, like the adjustable width of the undercarriage. This way, our units up until the BAU120 can drive on a lowbed trailer by itself completely assembled.

    Also an option is a set of side pontoons with spud legs for extra stability. Side pontoons must be installed when the machine is going to work in fully floating condition. These pontoons ensure maximum stability while the spud legs are used for anchoring.


    Bell thrusters can be added to the side pontoons to quickly maneuver over water. With this addition, traveling to and from your working area or perhaps overcoming a little current in a river are a piece of cake.

    Thrusters, also fully controllable from cabin.

    Bell quick swap system

    If you want to be able to swap between your standard and your Bell Amphibious Undercarriage quickly, the Bell quick swap system is something for you.

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