The thruster option on the Bell amphibious undercarriages makes sure you are able to navigate quickly through any type of river, canal or open water. The thrusters are mounted on the additional side pontoons and are fully controllable from the excavator’s cabin.

    Advantages for your Amphibious Excavator when using thrusters are:

    • Very good manouverability in the water
    • Being able to navigate your excavator in waters with currents
    • Being able to get to -and back from- your work site fast


    Bell Dredging Pumps is a true specialist in delivering high level of workmanship in all our products and great after sales service & support to our customers.
    We have small and large amphibious excavators which we can adapt to every customer’s need. Therefore we have many projects around the world where we perform.


    Our team of After-sales, Service & Support and Technical training are always ready to assist our business partners in achieving maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. We deliver high level workmanship for our customers.
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    Customize the Thruster option to your specific needs