Two consecutive rental jobs for the 20-ton Bell amphibious excavator

    Through our French dealer Pajot, we rented a 20-ton Bell Amphibious Excavator from our rental fleet to enlarge and deepen a pond on a private property.

    The BAE200 is equipped with a long reach arm and different types of buckets, which enabled us to remove 11,000 m³ of peat and mud in just 7 weeks. Also, the basin was able to reach 1.5 ha and gain a depth to 1 m.
    Job done!

    Then our Bell amphibious excavator 200 was used elsewhere in France, to dredge a cofferdam for a future pumping station. Within 8 weeks, almost 12,000 m3 of sandy material was dredged away. And that at a depth of 6m relative to the water level. The BAE200 was equipped with spud poles and a GPS/RTK dredging system on which everything could be closely monitored.

    Another dredging job successfully completed.